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Gutter Cleaning in Kent

If you have blocked gutters, then look no further. We are a checkatrade approved gutter cleaning company, offering gutter clearance across the whole of Kent at competitive prices.

Who do we work for?

We have successfully cleaned gutters for clients across East, West and Mid Kent, from a residential customer in a small terraced house through to commercial clients including letting agents, hotels, car showrooms, schools, churches, industrial units & supermarkets.

How do we clean your gutters?

We use the very latest in gutter cleaning technology using vacuum equipment & portable video cameras to allow the gutter survey and cleaning to be done from ground level.

Cleaning gutters in Kent
Blocked gutters cleared in Kent
Gutter cleaning in Kent

We can perform a FREE SURVEY on your property using our video camera which allows us to view your gutters and downpipes to check their condition up to 50ft from the ground.

There is no need for expensive scaffolding or ladders to perform the survey or the gutter cleaning itself and is an extremely COST EFFECTIVE way of maintaining your gutters.

You don't even need to be at home. We can clean your gutters when you are at work.

Why choose us for gutter cleaning in Kent?

Why should you get your gutters cleaned?

Water constantly overflowing from blocked gutters damages bricks and mortar and can cause extensive damp on the outside and mould on the inside of your Kent property.

Do we do gutter repairs?

When we inspect your guttering, we can advise you about any repairs or maintenance that needs doing and if required, repair or replace the gutters quickly and efficiently.

What areas do we cover?

We offer gutter cleaning across the whole of Kent from Bromley and Dartford in the West, over to Maidstone and Chatham in Mid Kent, and down to Margate and Dover in East Kent.

Why not just clean the guttering yourself?

Each year there are nearly 3,000 serious accidents involving people using ladders at their home. Please don't risk serious injury or even your own life, cleaning your own gutters.

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